Snowpack/Lake Mead news

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From the Las Vegas Sun (Dylan Scott):

The [Bureau of Reclamation] reported in January that increased snowfall in the Rocky Mountains — more than 30 percent above historical levels — could lead to more water for the lake if Lake Powell’s water level rose to 3,643 feet by April 1. That would trigger the release of an extra 3.13 million acre-feet of water into Lake Mead, officials said, pushing the lake’s surface level up 20 feet or more. Earlier this week, the agency updated its projections and estimated there is a 97 percent chance that Lake Powell will reach the 3,643-foot threshold. In January, the bureau had projected a 76 percent chance. Only a historic plunge, 2.1 million acre-feet, in forecast water volumes for Lake Powell would prevent the extra water from flowing, officials said.

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