Colorado-Big Thompson Project operations update

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From the Sky-Hi Daily News (Tonya Bina):

“Right now, the Colorado Thompson Project, for this time of year, is fairly full, and we haven’t even hit runoff yet,” said Kara Lamb, spokesperson for the Bureau of Reclamation, the agency that owns the project.

The Colorado-Big Thompson Project as a whole is 71 percent of full, according to spokesperson Brian Werner of Northern Colorado Water, the agency that operates the project.

Average snow levels on the Upper Colorado are at about 140 percent of average, with 154 percent of normal snowpack in the Willow Creek basin, he said.

Willow Creek Reservoir is sitting just 2.5 feet from full. In preparation for runoff season, Northern plans to let water out of Willow Creek Reservoir into Willow Creek, which flows into the Colorado River near Windy Gap. “It’s to balance the water coming in with the storage space we have,” Lamb said.

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