Energy policy — nuclear: Nuclear power plant in Pueblo County?

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The promise of jobs, tax collections and economic activity is the lure of a plant. Water requirements and the potential for disaster are a couple of the deterrents. Here’s a report about the closest plant to Pueblo County, the Wolf Creek Generating Station Unit 1, northeast of Wichita, from Peter Strescino writing for The Pueblo Chieftain. Here’s an excerpt:

Residents around Wolf Creek were universally in favor of the reactor in telephone interviews. Only the state energy co-chairman of the Sierra Club had a negative reaction to the plant, and he said his doubts had little to do with potential environmental problems…

[Jon Hotaling, the county’s economic development director] said 900 people work at the plant, and average jobs pay about $65,000 a year. That works out to about $58 million in wages annually. Workers at the reactor live in a four-county area, he said, and at first fewer than half lived in Coffey County. “But we worked out the housing issues and now at least 60 percent live in the county.”

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