IBCC: Proceedings from the Statewide Roundtable Summit are available online

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From the executive summary:

On March 3, 2011, the Statewide Roundtable Summit drew participants from all corners of Colorado to discuss how to move forward with planning for the State’s water supply future. The Summit was designed by the Public Education, Participation and Outreach Workgroup of the IBCC as an opportunity to meet fellow water supply planning cohorts from around the state and continue connecting the activities and entities within the Basin Roundtable process. Lively dialogue at the Summit centered on the role of the roundtables and the IBCC Framework. Of the 275 people that registered for the Summit, 128 were from a Basin Roundtable or the Interbasin Compact Committee, representing about 40% of the roundtable community (see table below). Of the remainder of participants, 22 were supporting staff and consultants, and 125 were members of the interested public. The latter represented government agencies, water providers, engineering firms, non-profit organizations, congressional offices, and academic institutions…

Additional detail, including complete notes, can be found by going to the Statewide Roundtable Summit webpage.

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