Salida: New rates are designed to more adequately fund fixed costs

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From The Mountain Mail (Cailey McDermott):

Flat fees have two components – service water charge and service maintenance charge, [city finance director Jan Schmidt] said. Maintenance fees cover costs to repair water lines and meters. Those fixed costs haven’t changed, she said, so that fee wasn’t increased much. Maintenance fees increased by $3.23 or 9 percent…

“We increased the flat fees more because we felt the need for a more reliable revenue stream to match our fixed costs,” Schmidt said. She said residential multi-family homes, example 3, were “hit pretty hard” on the base rate because they would have to pay for both the residential water service charge and the second unit service charge. Their total bill will increase by $88.81…

Another increase customers will see when their first quarter bill arrives will be the automatic 5 percent increase that went into effect Jan 1. after a decision by the previous council.

More infrastructure coverage here.

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