Colorado-Big Thompson update: 400 cfs in the Big Thompson below Lake Estes

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From email from Reclamation (Kara Lamb):

With the weather warming up, it looks like we might see more melting snow pack. However, we don’t have any major changes at Olympus Dam at this time. [Monday] afternoon, we scaled releases from the dam to the canyon back by 50 cfs and are currently only sending 400 cfs downstream. Maintaining that release actually dropped Lake Estes about a foot today. That gives a little space for regulating whatever inflow comes in later tonight.

From email from Reclamation (Kara Lamb):

The warm weather over the weekend bumped up activity on the west slope of the Colorado-Big Thompson Project. Inflows to Willow Creek picked up. As we continue to match outflow with inflow, releases from the dam were increased to around 1200 cfs. If the warm weather sticks around, we could see releases in that range for a while. We will do our best to keep releases from going over 1200 cfs through run-off by starting to store some water behind the dam, raising the water level elevation. In fact, the water level elevation at Willow Creek rose about a foot today, already. Currently, it’s at an elevation of 8099 feet.

Granby continues to release around 430 cfs. There was not much change in water level elevation at Granby. So far today it has only picked up about a tenth of a foot and is around 8253 feet.

The primary change was at Shadow Mountain, which releases to the Colorado River before it flows into Granby. With run-off starting to come down, there will be increased releases from Shadow Mountain Dam, both through the dam and over the spillway. In fact, I think we went over the spillway yesterday (Memorial Day). We got up to about a 1200 cfs release yesterday. We’ve since scaled back to about 500 cfs. But, if the warm weather continues, it could go up again as early as tonight.

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