Florence: City council passes 5% water fee increase

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From the Cañon City Daily Record (Charlotte Burrous):

The Florence City Council narrowly passed the resolution Monday when Mayor Paul Villagrana, Councilmen Larry Baker, Ron Hinkle and Bruce Schneider voted in favor while Councilmen Charles Giebler, Joe Caruso and Councilwoman Nichole Prickett voted against it.

The new base for inside water users will increase to $34.28 per 3,000 gallons for single family dwellings, while outside water users rates will increase to $43.47 for 5,000 gallons.

Then in January, the rates will increase to $34.94 for inside users and $44.59 for outside water users.

The rates for inside users will then tier up 5.5 percent between 3,001 and 25,000 gallons and 7.5 percent between 25,001 to 50,000 gallons and 15 percent for 50,001 to 75,000 and an additional 15 percent for excess use in increments of 25,000 gallons. In January, the rates will increase by the same percentages.

For outside water users consuming more than 5,000 gallons, the rates will cost an additional 15 percent between 5,001 and 25,000 then increase 15 percent in increments of 25,000 gallons.

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