Judge O. John Kuenhold announces his retirement from the bench

From the Valley Courier (Julia Wilson):

Kuenhold first appeared in the Valley in 1969 as a Vista volunteer. “I had hair then; I wore it in a ponytail,” he said. “I was sent here for training. Then, with other volunteers, we opened the Colorado Rural Legal Services office.”[…]

Kuenhold saw law as a way to right the wrongs in society. “I thought if I went into law I could help people,” Kuenhold said. “It was the time of [Martin Luther King, Jr.] and (President John) Kennedy. I wanted to do good for my country. Law seemed to be the best way to use the skills and gifts I’d been given.”[…]

Two of his cases had unexpected bonuses. A water case led not only to his interest in the Valley water interests, but also to his status as the premiere water judge in Colorado. The second case led to a hobby: flying.

Here’s a short bio from the Colorado Judicial Performance website. Good luck Judge Kuenhold.

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