Energy policy — nuclear: Energy Fuels plans to spend $1 million over the next 18 months in preparation to process uranium at the proposed Piñon Ridge Mill

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From The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel (Gary Harmon):

Energy Fuels Resources Inc. will spend about $1 million during the next 18 months on mines, drilling and other activities aimed at getting ready for feeding ore to the mill, the company said. “Energy Fuels is quietly assembling an impressive array of properties on the Colorado Plateau,” Energy Fuels President and Chief Executive Officer Steven P. Antony said.

While pursuing construction of the $150 million mill, Energy Fuels is taking steps to ascertain the value of its current holdings and seek new sources of uranium and vanadium, possibly in other mines that Energy Fuels might consider acquiring. “Our ultimate goal is to bring these proven and formerly producing mines back into production and process the material at the Pinon Ridge Mill,” Antony said.

Plans include drilling, resource verification and the preparation of technical reports to reflect the size and grade of resources in compliance with Canadian reporting standards, company spokesman Gary Steele said…

Meanwhile, it is seeking U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approval of a state air-quality permit and construction of the tailings impoundment.

More coverage Katharhynn Heidelberg writing for the Montrose Daily Press. From the article:

“What we’re doing is acquiring more property that has uranium, that might eventually be made into mines in the future, in Southwest Colorado and southeastern Utah,” said spokesman Curtis Moore on Friday. “We’re not increasing any mill capacity.”

The proposed Piñon Ridge mill’s permits and licenses allow for 500 tons per day of uranium and vanadium to be processed. Although Energy Fuels wants to expand mine properties by acquiring leases and mineral rights, the mill itself is not expanding, Moore said. “The mill cap of 500 tons per day, that’s what we’re permitted for. That’s not changing,” he said.

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