Colorado Water 2012: The Rio Grande Reservoir hits the century mark in 2012

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From the Valley Courier (Ruth Heide):

The Rio Grande Reservoir will celebrate its 100th anniversary in conjunction with the Colorado Water 2012, and a display on the history of area reservoirs will be circulated in local libraries, city halls, visitor centers and colleges.

Other possible promotions next year include: regular informative newspaper articles and possibly a special insert; radio spots; tours of projects such as reservoirs and the Closed Basin; and a student art project on the subject of water.

The Colorado Water 2012 began small, as a way to commemorate legislation and organizations that were celebrating anniversaries in 2012, but it has grown to encompass all of the river basins in the state. The Colorado Foundation for Water Education is spearheading the celebration.

Goals for Colorado Water 2012 include: raising awareness of water as a valuable and limited resource in the state; increasing support for management and protection of Colorado’s water and waterways; showcasing water projects; educating Coloradans about water.

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