Fryingpan-Arkansas Project update: 746 cfs in the river below Ruedi Reservoir

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From email from Reclamation (Kara Lamb):

A quick update for you this morning: With the 90+ degree heat, we are seeing snow melt run-off inflows pick up into Ruedi Reservoir again at night. With Ruedi almost full, this means we have to increase releases to the lower Fryingpan River again. Today, Sunday, releases from the dam will bump up twice in 50 cfs intervals each time. The first happened already at 6 a.m., bringing our releases up from 581 cfs to 631 cfs. The second change will be at noon, raising releases from around 631 cfs to about 681 cfs. With the Rocky Fork still running steadily at about 65 cfs, the gage below Ruedi Dam will wind up reading 746 cfs by this afternoon.

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