Drought news: Beulah residents under watering restrictions

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From The Pueblo Chieftain (John Norton):

Both the Pine Drive Water District and the Beulah Water Works District put on restrictions this week to conserve dwindling supplies of water in their storage tanks. Customers of the two systems will be limited to in-house water use. Gary Kyte, chairman of the Pine Drive operation, said that in 2002, the district had to impose even stricter rules that limited even in-house water use, but the situation has not gotten that bad yet…

Bill Hower, chairman of the Water Works District, said that the restriction is a precaution. The system, which serves 165 taps, gets its water from Middle Creek and water is still running. “We still have good water at the head gate,” he said. “But it’s an unknown factor how long that’s going to last.”

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