Colorado State Parks turns up only two boats with invasive mussels attached out of 50,000 inspected so far this season

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From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

“Educating boaters about the risks of (invasive species) and how to check your boat has been a high priority for several years and it’s paying off,” [Gene Seagle, aquatic nuisance species coordinator for Colorado State Parks] said. “Most boaters arrive at the reservoirs in state parks already knowledgeable about ANS and how to check your boat.”[…]

The two out-of-state boats with adult quagga mussels attached were found at Crawford Lake State Park in May and Jackson Lake State Park in June…

Evidence of zebra mussels — in the form of larvae called veligers — was first found in Lake Pueblo in late 2007. In the next year, zebra and quagga veligers were found at other sites. No new water samplings have shown evidence of the clamlike creatures which can overpopulate lakes and clog water pipelines.

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