Colorado Supremes uphold the Water Court Division One ruling in the FRICO case


There’s always a back story or two in any big water court case. Here’s a report from Karen Crummy and Eric Gorski writing for The Denver Post. From the article:

It’s going to be hard to plan for the future,” said Len Pettinger, 76, who farms 500 acres near Brighton. “We’re already living day to day. I guess now we starve to death.”

A Denver Post investigation into the union of two public water districts and shareholders in the Farmers Reservoir and Irrigation Co. and two related systems found that those who held the farmers’ fate in their hands took significant risks, appeared to gain personally and professionally from the arrangement, and failed to accept an out-of-court settlement that could have saved the farmers, some of whom will lose half their water.

More South Platte River basin coverage here.

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