NWS meterologist Joe Ramey says there is a 70-80% that La Niña will be back this winter


From Steamboat Today (Matt Stensland):

With 70 to 80 percent certainty, La Niña is expected to return, according to Joe Ramey, a meteorologist and climate expert at the National Weather Service in Grand Junction. “It’s not a given that it will be La Niña, but it’s about as strong as we can get,” he said. “We had La Niña last year, and it turned out to be a great year for Steamboat.”[…]

Ramey said that he is studying back-to-back La Niña events and the effect on snowfall. He said consecutive events have happened seven times since 1950 and that it appears the consecutive event has not typically been as strong. This could result in a near or slightly-above normal snowfall.

Click on the thumbnail graphic above and to the right for Klaus Wolter’s chart of first year and second year La Niña events. His data shows that there is often a drop off in flows at Lees Ferry in the second year.

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