Flaming Gorge pipeline hydroelectric generation project moves to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission permit process


From the Fort Collins Coloradoan (Bobby Magill):

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or FERC, is now considering Fort Collins entrepreneur Aaron Million’s permit application for the Regional Watershed Supply Project, a 501-mile water pipeline that would stretch from Flaming Gorge Reservoir in southwest Wyoming to Pueblo via Interstate 80 and northeast Larimer County, supplying water to Front Range water districts and irrigators…

Million filed revised plans for the pipeline with FERC on Sept. 1 as president of a new company formed on Aug. 25, Wyco Power and Water, Inc. [ed. I couldn’t find a website], 1436 W. Oak St. According to Million’s application, the pipeline would be up to 120 inches in diameter and would take water from the Green River about three miles downstream of the city of Green River, Wyo., and from the western shore of Flaming Gorge Reservoir. It would produce about 550 megawatts of hydroelectric power on its journey from Wyoming to Colorado while using nine natural gas-powered pump stations to send water over the Continental Divide. If the pipeline is built, it will also require construction of the proposed 185,000-acre-foot Cactus Hill Reservoir near Fort Collins…

In the application, Million said studies required for the permit would cost up to $4 million and he would pay for them.

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