Club 20 fall meeting recap: Governor Hickenlooper bangs the job creation drum while U.S. Representative Scott Tipton touts the need for new water storage projects


From (Tami Brehse):

“A lot of businesses are sitting on a significant amount of cash,” Hickenlooper says. “We just need to get that log jam going. They’re not going to spend money and hire people unless they think they can make more profit.”

One of the other big topics on the state agenda right now is our water. Hickenlooper says the state is on tap to see a major shortage within the next 40 years. He says we need to find ways to store more water in the state. It’s an issue many of Colorado’s leaders see eye to eye on.

“I think it’s appropriate for the state to be exploring a variety of different areas to be able to store more water here in Colorado,” says Representative Scott Tipton, “to be able to meet some of the growing needs.”

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