Dillon Reservoir starting to drop


From the Summit County Citizens Voice (Bob Berwyn):

…the reservoir has once again been dropping slowly, down to an elevation of 9,016.26 feet on Sept. 7, or about nine inches below the lip of the spillway as of late last week. Last year, the reservoir was about three feet lower on the same date, at 9,013.33 feet.

Last winter’s big snowfall is still reflected by runoff numbers. The combined flow of the Blue River and its tributaries totaled 323 cubic feet per second on Sept. 7, almost triple of the inflow on the same date in 2010 (111 cfs). Currently, flows in the Blue River below the dam are at 126 cfs, with 230 cfs going out through the Roberts Tunnel and into Denver Water’s South Platte storage system.

The Roberts Tunnel will be shut off around Thanksgiving, but the tunnel will remain full to enable Keystone to use the water to supplement flows in the Snake River based on snowmaking use.

More Denver Water coverage here.

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