Castle Rock may raise mil levy to pay for renewable water supplies and infrastructure


From The Denver Post (Heather Sackett):

Castle Rock officials already have reviewed presentations from three water providers and expect at least one additional proposal. Renew Strategies LLC, headed by former Gov. Bill Owens, would supply Castle Rock with water from the Lost Creek Basin for $23,000 to $24,000 per acre-foot. Stillwater Resources and Investments Inc. would purchase Boxelder Farm water rights and would cost about $21,000 per acre-foot. United Water and Sanitation District would purchase water rights on the South Platte and would cost $23,800 per acre-foot. The infrastructure costs associated with getting the water to Castle Rock could run in the neighborhood of $200 million.

“It’s a big deal, mainly because of the cost to this community,” said Castle Rock Utilities Director Ron Redd. “We can’t roll all that into rates and fees. It’s just too much. Your bills would be too much.” Redd said the town would probably go for a mill levy of between eight and 12 mills. The earliest the town could hold a mill-levy election is April 2012.

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