Castle Rock is pushing conservation on their website, a resource for residents


From the Town of Castle Rock — Utilitiess via Castle Rock News Press:

Water conservation is something every resident needs to understand. It’s simple. It’s smart. Small, everyday decisions can add up to enormous water savings and allow our community to maintain its economic strength and quality of life.

Castle Rock is located in Colorado’s high-plains, semi-arid environment. The Town averages only 8 to 15 inches of precipitation a year. Because of this, every drop counts – whether it’s pumped fresh from a well and delivered to your home, or saved through reduced indoor and outdoor water use.

Helping residents learn tips and techniques of water conservation was a primary goal when Castle Rock Water created, a website geared at helping residents maximize water conservation habits around their home.

Rick Schultz, water conservation specialist says, “A major component of the Town’s Water Conservation Master Plan is educational outreach. With the generous support of the Colorado Water Conservation Board, through this grant, this new website allows us another way to reach our customers. We can keep our residents updated with all the latest conservation tips, local xeric plants and upcoming classes.”

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