State Engineer Dick Wolfe on draining Bonny Reservoir, ‘Draining Bonny Reservoir is a part of our efforts to bring Colorado into compliance with the 1942 Republican River Compact and the 2033 Final Settlement Stipulation’


Here’s are answers to questions about draining Bonny from the State Engineer, from The Yuma Pioneer (Tony Rayl). From the article:

Q: Why weren’t other options considered?
A: Many options were considered, and other steps have been taken to make up for the water shortfall to Kansas. Agencies have reluctantly concluded there are no viable legal or physical options available to bring us into compact compliance that will allow water to be stored in Bonny Reservoir and allow farmers and municipalities to continue pumping their wells…

Q: Why can’t Kansas maintain Bonny Reservoir so water can be released when necessary to its irrigators?
A: We explored many options with Kansas, including ones that would allow the reservoir to remain as a storage facility. Thus far, Kansas has not accepted any of these proposals.

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