Colorado Springs Utilities has a new design for retention ponds, they hope to save $64 million in the Jimmy Camp Creek drainage


From The Colorado Springs Gazette (John Schroyer):

Colorado Springs would save an estimated $64 million on construction expenses for stormwater retention ponds in the Jimmy Camp Creek watershed, under a new design compiled by the city engineer’s office.

The plan, outlined in a manual that must be approved by City Council by next May, would direct homebuilders to include a series of smaller retention ponds for stormwater runoff as they develop subdivisions, retail parks and the like…

Currently, stormwater runoff is controlled by dozens of much larger ponds, each of which covers about 45 acres. The problem is that with such large bodies of water, it’s hard to prevent large-scale erosion and watershed flooding. With smaller ponds, both of those problems are significantly reduced, said Dan Bare, senior civil engineer for the city.

The ponds — which are basically small dams — trap storm and spring runoff and moderates the flow of the water into local tributaries, such as Fountain Creek, to prevent flooding and erosion as much as possible. The smaller ponds would range from five to 10 acres, and would be much less obtrusive, Bare said during a presentation to city employees on Sept. 15. And because the smaller ponds are easier to maintain, require smaller channels and wouldn’t have to absorb as much runoff all at once as the larger ponds, the city would save millions in capital costs as Colorado Springs grows.

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