The Clean Water America Alliance is running a three part webinar series about hydraulic fracturing, November 1, 17 and December 1


Here’s the link to the registration page. Here’s an excerpt:

Hydraulic Fracturing is a hot topic on the public and water sector’s mind, involving a mix of environmental protection, energy security, and economic development considerations. Many agree natural gas has a bright future as a “bridge” fuel to cleaner, renewable energy. But the “Shale Rush,” prompted by technology breakthroughs in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing over the last decade has raised significant questions about the footprint on the environment, impact to public health, and the roles of various government agencies. Water is a particular concern with potential issues down under, downstream, or downwind. Join the Clean Water America Alliance (CWAA) and American Water Resources Association (AWRA) as they explore the “friction over fracking,” including the growing need for energy security and environmental sustainability to be in balance, rather than in battle, and to keep water in mind through it all. An objective look from different perspectives will be offered to evaluate benefits, risks and opportunity costs, for the water and related sectors.

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