Fountain Creek: Removal of old railroad bridge near the confluence with the Arkansas River for flood mitigation has begun


From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

Edward Kraemer & Sons will perform the work under contract with the Union Pacific Railroad, and completion is expected in a few weeks, said Daryl Wood, stormwater utility supervisor for the city of Pueblo. The bridge is located just upstream of the confluence of Fountain Creek at the Arkansas River. “The lower part of the bridge is the problem,” Wood said.

During a large flood, debris could hang up on the iron deck supports and act as a dam. Water potentially could top the levee system in that area and flood nearby neighborhoods. Last month’s flood, described as a 10-year event, left some tree limbs hung up on the piers of the bridge, but most of the debris passed through and settled somewhere downstream. There were problems with sediment deposits and trees on parts of the pedestrian-bicycle trail along Fountain Creek as well.

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