The Park County Commissioners ink a $3 million deal with Colorado Open Lands, including a sediment study for the Middle and South forks of the South Platte and Taryall Creek


From The Fairplay Flume (Lynda James):

In 2009, Colorado Open Lands completed a sediment assessment on watersheds of the Middle Fork and South Fork of the South Platte River and Tarryall Creek. The resulting map and report identified major sources of sedimentation and areas of the watersheds in need of restoration, mitigation and protection to reduce the effects of sedimentation. This year, the North Fork of the South Platte River watershed will be studied for sediment loads. All four watersheds are on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s watch list of streams and rivers impaired by sediment.

The North Fork assessment will cost $13,000. Of that, the Park County Land and Water Trust Fund will pay $3,500. The Colorado Water Conservation Board will pay $7,000, and Colorado Open Lands will provide $2,500 of in-kind costs for mapping and administration of the project. Other partners include the South Park Wetlands Focus Committee and EcoMetrics.

[Colorado Open Lands Director of Conservation Operations Dieter Erdmann] said that over the years, those in the business of river restoration have learned that the best management practices and also the most cost-effective way to maintain reduced sediment is to use natural vegetation instead of building structures in the riverbed.

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