Statewide Roundtable Summit: Governor Hickenlooper touts the importance of understanding the water-food nexus, adios bluegrass?


From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

The governor said bluegrass lawns in cities take water away from water needed for agriculture, and one of the easiest fixes is to get people to change their landscape habits. “We’re taking water from ag uses and applying it toward urban landscapes,” Hickenlooper said. “We don’t have an abundance of food. We’re going to need more water for food to make sure farmers don’t run short.”[…]

“Water is a public good, and the roundtables are bringing all of the interests in a river basin together to decide how to manage water in a basin,” he said. “The basin roundtables are on the cutting edge. They become a crucible to determine the needs of the state.”[…]

Citing Denver’s campaign that led to 20 percent water conservation, Hickenlooper outlined several statewide approaches that will increase public awareness of water stress and the need for farm water:

– The ongoing Colorado Water 2012 campaign.
– Incorporating water issues in the upcoming TBD (To Be Determined) Colorado roundtables.
– A “Pedal the Plains” event next fall, similar to “Ride the Rockies.”

The governor also mentioned “shuttle diplomacy” as a strategy to resolve lingering water conflicts. Last year, the state brokered talks between oil companies and environmentalists to rewrite rules on hydraulic fracturing that left both sides feeling like winners.

More IBCC — basin roundtables coverage here.

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