Happy 140th birthday to Yellowstone National Park


Thanks to the Colorado Environmental Coalition Twitter feed (@CoEnviroCo) for the heads up.

A team of geologists is making the claim that all of Yellowstone’s geysers may share the same geology, heat and water source. Here’s a report from Crystal Gammon writing for the Discovery Channel. From the article:

A team from the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, Calif., recently dove into the question of just where Yellowstone’s water comes from. Their findings indicate that the region — and its variety of geysers, mud pots and hydrothermal pools — could be supplied by a single water source that continuously boils, mixes and flows its way through the park.

” Visitors to Yellowstone and even professional naturalists may not realize that the acid fumaroles and mud pots at Yellowstone represent the steam boiled off of deeper boiling groundwater that ultimately emerges kilometers away,” said Jacob Lowenstern, the geochemist who led the team’s study.

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