Denver: A beautiful rain


What a nice rain event yesterday here in Denver. Click on the thumbnail graphic for the 24 hour precipitation map from the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District. The station nearest Gulch Manor is reporting .57 inches.

NIDIS Weekly Climate, Water and Drought Assessment Summary of the Upper Colorado River Basin


One change made during this week’s webinar was the recommendation to classify Larimer County and points east of there in D2 drought. Here’s the link to this week’s webinar summaries from the Colorado Climate Center. Click on the thumbnail graphic for the precipitation summary.

A new drought map is due out today from the U.S. Drought Monitor.

The Dolores River below McPhee is part of Interior’s ‘America’s Great Outdoors Highlighted River Projects’


Here’s the link to the Department of Interior’s America’s Great Outdoors Highlighted River Projects webpage. Here’s the link to the Dolores River release. Here’s an excerpt:

The Dolores River Partnership was formed in 2008 and is a two state, citizen driven partnership with the goal of restoring approximately 200 miles of the Dolores River from McPhee Reservoir to its confluence with the Colorado River in Utah. Project goals include improving public safety, the removal of tamarisk and other noxious weeds, improving fish habitat, the development of education and stewardship opportunities, and expanding opportunities for youth employment.

This citizen driven project is focused on restoring riparian vegetation through the removal of tamarisk and other invasive species along the Dolores River and the planting of native cottonwoods and willows. Youth groups will assist with invasive species control and native species planting. Tamarisk removal and native vegetation plantings will reduce the risk of wildfire, increase in-stream water flows, and improve stream bank stability thus improving habitat conditions for native fish species.

Thanks to KUNC (Emily Boyer) for the heads up.

More Dolores River watershed coverage here and here.