Wastewater: New Glenwood Springs lift station a big part of the new wastewater treatment system


From the Glenwood Springs Post Independent (Nelson Harvey):

The effluent’s three-mile journey will be possible thanks to a new sewage lift station that is nearly completed on the Seventh Street site. City sewers will route waste to the lift station, where a series of pumps will propel it three miles westward through two 16-inch pipes to the new plant.

On a tour of the new lift station, city Water and Wastewater Superintendent Buddy Burns was like a kid showing off a shiny new treehouse he’d just built. Burns, who has worked in wastewater treatment for the city since the late 1970s, said the new plant will have an average daily capacity of 1.9 million gallons, up from 1.1 million at the existing plant.

He demonstrated a new automated filter system that will remove debris from the wastewater stream, wash it, compact it and drop it in a nearby Dumpster. And he showed off the lift station’s two gleaming pump galleries that will push waste to the new plant. They are equipped with backup diesel generators, in the event of a power outage…

Burns said that the switch to the new plant would take two to three weeks after it begins in July, as operators gradually divert increasing amounts of the city’s wastewater to ensure the new system is functioning well.

A completion date in early August would wrap up the project several months ahead of schedule, as the city’s contract with Salida-based firm Moltz Construction allows until November 2012 to finish the job. Construction began in the spring of 2010…

The new lift station on Seventh Street has an air ionization system meant to keep odors contained in sewage canals. Operators hope this will dispense with odor complaints from nearby residents and businesses, which are now common during the summer months.

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