Steamboat Springs: Colorado Water Congress Summer Conference August 15 – 17


Doug Kemper sent along the Colorado Water Congress Summer Conference detail via email. Click here to download a copy.

‘…we are trending towards an El Niño’ — Brett Anderson (AccuWeather senior meteorologist)


From USA Today (Doyle Rice):

“We’re not officially there yet,” AccuWeather senior meteorologist Brett Anderson says, “but we are trending towards an El Niño.”[…]

Anderson says that El Niño will most likely form by September…

Overall, other than a quiet hurricane season, the greatest weather impacts in the USA from El Niño tend to occur in winter, reports Michelle L’Heureux, a meteorologist with the Climate Prediction Center. Usually, she says, El Niño produces wetter and cooler-than-average weather across the southern tier of the USA and warmer and drier-than-average conditions across the northern half of the country, which is not good news for the parched upper Midwest.

Plateau Creek: The Dolores Water Conservancy District is moving on a pumpback hydroelectric project


From the Cortez Journal (Kimberly Benedict):

The paperwork filed by the local water district is a competing proposal, a response to a similar application filed by Bellevue, Wash., engineering firm INCA Engineers. DWCD’s permit application, filed on May 10, seeks “municipal preference” for feasibility studies over the out-of-state company, which filed application paperwork with FERC on Nov. 30, 2011.

DWCD hopes its historic water rights and involvement in local water issues will win the day when permits are awarded, according to district manager Mike Preston. “DWCD holds the water rights on McPhee and certainly Plateau Creek is a tributary to McPhee Reservoir,” Preston said. “We want to maintain local control over this issue. We believe we have municipal preference because we are what is call a municipal provider, and we think we are very likely to be granted the permit.”

The local water conservancy district already operates two hydropower plants owned by the Bureau of Reclamation, Preston said.

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Douglas County forms a water and wastewater enterprise to fund infrastructure for renewable supplies


From the Castle Rock News Press (Rhonda Moore):

The board of county commissioners on July 10 established the Douglas County water and wastewater enterprise, opening the door to bring money to the table for long-term water development. The enterprise allows the county to issue revenue bonds secured by future revenues from water providers who pass muster, said Lance Ingalls, county attorney. The enterprise, through state statute, allows the county to issue the revenue bonds to qualifying providers on a project-by-project basis, Ingalls said…

The authority was focused primarily on advancing the water infrastructure and supply efficiency project that is pivotal to filling the Rueter-Hess reservoir, said Eric Hecox, authority spokesman…

“This enterprise is opening the door for the county to be a catalyst for partnership to meet our renewable water needs,” Hecox said. “Having a partner as big a player as the county gives us the opportunity to meet our regional long term challenges.”

The strength of the county’s borrowing power bumps the water game up a notch in Douglas County, said Jill Repella, commissioner, District 2. Repella was part of the conversations with providers who made it clear the county’s role is critical to the success of any effort toward bringing long-term water to Douglas County.

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Barr Lake: The July August Oasis newsletter is hot off the press, Barr Lake appreciation day July 14


Click here to download a copy of the newsletter. There is a lot going on this summer.

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NIDIS Weekly Climate, Water and Drought Assessment Summary of the Upper Colorado River Basin #CODrought


Here are the summaries from the Colorado Climate Center. Click on the thumbnail graphic for the precipitation summary from last week’s webinar.

The Metro Roundtable is on board with the Chatfield Reallocation Project


Here’s the resolution of support:

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