Drought/precipitation news: With the coming of the monsoon comes possible flooding in the burn areas #CODrought


From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

“The recent Waldo Canyon Fire on the Pike National Forest has changed the watersheds within the burned area and increased the potential for flooding and mudflows that could impact several communities adjacent to and downstream from the forest,” the Forest Service said in a press release. When heavy rains fall in a burned area, there are often mudflows, but the effects of the Waldo Canyon fire are being evaluated. The fire started June 23, has burned more than 18,000 acres, destroyed 347 homes and was about 90 percent contained Thursday…

On Thursday evening, the El Paso County Sheriff’s office hosted a meeting with landowners who might be subject to mud flows following the burn. The county is advising residents in affected areas to monitor weather reports closely and to take safety precautions if flooding is imminent.

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