Drought/runoff news: How senior will the Arkansas River call go? #CODrought


From the Cañon City Daily Record (Carie Canterbury):

In light of June’s low river readings, Bob Hartzman, supervisor for the Cañon City Water department, had expressed concern June 26 about the city possibly having to dip into stored reserves in the Fry Pan/Arkansas Water Storage project if users downstream put in a call for more water…

Hartzman said he spoke to District 12 Water Commissioner Brian Sutton about the possibility on June 27. “He was fairly certain that the river call wouldn’t go to the 1861,” he said. “That was based on data and information that he’s seen and that he’s aware of for the entire river, not just our neighborhood here.”[…]

“Even if a call came in today, we have a backup plan,” Hartzman said. “We still have a water source we can call upon to get us by, but if it came to that, we’d probably go to level two restrictions.” The city has about 315 million gallons of water in storage, Hartzman said, and for the month of June, city water customers used 265 gallons of water…

The U.S. Geological Survey recorded the Arkansas River running into Cañon City at 397 cubic feet per second as of Wednesday, compared to 318 cfs on June 29.

More Arkansas River Basin coverage here and here.

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