Old Dillon Reservoir expansion update: Reservoir will hold 286 acre-feet of water when project is completed


From the Summit Daily News (Caddie Nath):

The $5 million resurrection of the Old Dillon Reservoir will allow each of the three local governments involved in the project to store, release and exchange their own water rights…

When it does fill, Silverthorne will own approximately 8 percent of the water, Dillon will take roughly 38 percent and Summit County government will have the remainder — slightly more than 53 percent. The three entities split the bill for the restoration and expansion project…

The water in the reservoir will complement the town of Silverthorne’s water rights. The county will use the reservoir to supplement environmental and other projects in the works, while the Dillon sees the facility as an alternate water source, to be tapped if something were happen to Straight Creek, the town’s primary water source…

Old Dillon Reservoir is fed by the Dillon Ditch, constructed at the same time as the reservoir to divert water from Salt Lick Gulch. Local entities will bypass some of the stream flow, allowing the water to continue downstream to where it sustains environmental features including beaver ponds and a wetlands area.

More Old Dillon Reservoir coverage here and here.

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