Cañon City: Lincoln Park/Cotter Mill superfund site de-commissioning roadmap unveiled


From The Pueblo Chieftain (Tracy Harmon):

About 130 people attended a public meeting Thursday evening to weigh-in on the plan. The audience was reassured by Dr. Chris Urbina, Colorado Department of Health executive director, that the cleanup is, “a long-term commitment.”[…]

Cotter Corp’s decision to close leaves, “Lots of problems to deal with but a whole lot has been accomplished,” said Steve Tarlton, radioactive program manager for the state. The remaining cleanup work — most notably onsite ground water and soil cleanup — must satisfy three different authorities including the 1988 court-ordered remedial action plan, Cotter’s state Radioactive Materials License and the federal Environmental Protection Agency Superfund program…

The process of decommissioning the mill will start with outlining a conceptual site model consisting of separate operable units that need to be cleaned up. Currently, operable unit 1 is defined as the mill site and the adjacent Shadow Hills Golf Course while operable unit 2 is the portion of the Lincoln Park neighborhood just north of the mill where contaminated groundwater exists…

Once site characterization is complete, a feasibility study will be done to outline a complete remedial action plan and possible alternatives. Following that, state and EPA officials will select a preferred remedy for cleanup called a record of decision.

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