Happy Colorado River Day


Today is Colorado River Day and the group is buying lunch in downtown Denver (and elsewhere). The event is for, “Celebrating the river that supplies drinking water for 36 million Americans, irrigates 15% of our nation’s crops, and facilitates recreation that supports a quarter million jobs and contributes $26 billion to our economy.”

From National Geographic (Jennifer Pitt):

If you live somewhere in the United States, there’s a pretty good chance you have ingested Colorado River water, likely in the form of winter-harvest lettuce from southern Arizona or California. There are many reasons to celebrate the Colorado River, and fresh, baby romaine leaves in February is just one of them. Also rafting the Grand Canyon, bathing your baby in San Diego, bird-watching in the Sonoran Desert, fountain-gazing on the Strip in Las Vegas, and watching the cattle roam high mountain pastures in the Rocky Mountains.

More Colorado River Basin coverage here and here.

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