Colorado River Basin: Say hello to ’90 by 20′


From email from via the Colorado Watershed Assembly:

Western Resource Advocates and the Colorado Environmental Coalition, in collaboration with other groups across the CO River Basin, have just launched a drought awareness/urban water conservation campaign called “90 by 20.”

Ultimately, the campaign is about connecting this year’s drought to more than just personal inconveniences like watering restrictions – we’re trying to

tee up larger issues of how drought affects river flows, tourism economies, our quality of life in the West, and the like. As a way to deal with future droughts, climate change, and the existing supply/demand imbalance on the CO River, we’re also asking residents to work to reduce their per capita water use to 90 gpcd by 2020 and select utilities in the Denver Metro area, Las Vegas Valley, and Sun Corridor to adopt a goal of the same (combined residential use to 90 gpcd by 2020). We believe a renewed focus on water efficiency will be proven to be more cost-effective, flexible, and beneficial to the Basin than ‘traditional’ approaches to water supply.

There’s a website (of course) that has some good information and a nice policy brief on the importance of the CO River to the Basin as a whole. There’s also a calculator for people to compute their own per capita use – and the ability to tweet it.

More conservation coverage here.

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