‘Protect the Flows’ sends hayfield message to President Obama #CORiver


Click on the thumbnail graphic to see a photo of Protect the Flows hayfield message to the President located along the glide path to the Grand Junction airport.

From KKCO.com (Andie Adams):

The 360-foot natural canvas with letters 30 feet high spells out “Mr. Prez – we rely on the Colorado River.”

The one-acre work tells about our common need for one resource: the river.

“If it was a company in Colorado, it would be the biggest employer. Eighty thousand people rely on the Colorado River for their job in our state, and $10 billion is brought to our state every year,” said Molly Mugglestone, the coordinator for conservation group Protect the Flows.

The organization hopes will catch the eye of President Obama as he lands at the Grand Junction Regional Airport. They plan for him to see it, and then they will send him a letter to explain their intent.

That letter asks for his support on the Farm Bill, on which the U.S. Congress must vote.

Protect the Flows is especially interested in one of the bill’s provisions.

“The Regional Conservation Partnerships Program, which would provide for resources to farmers and agriculture to increase their efficiency, use the latest technology, to use water better,” said Mugglestone.

Mesa Park Vineyard owner Brooke Webb said she supported the crop art whole-heartedly because for her, the river is life.

“We rely on it completely. We have eight acres of grapes over on East Orchard Mesa that’s irrigated 100 percent by the Colorado River.”

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