Ruedi Reservoir operations update: 244 cfs in the Fryingpan River at the Ruedi gage


From email from Reclamation (Kara Lamb):

Despite some guesstimates I made over the phone and e-mail the past few days, the slight bump up we’ll see later today has more to do with the senior water right call down at Cameo on the Colorado River than anything else.

Around 5 p.m. today, August 9, we’ll bump releases from Ruedi Dam to the Fryingpan River up by about 20 cfs to a flow of around 244 cfs at the Ruedi gage.

We have not seen the Cameo senior water right call really affect Ruedi Reservoir for about 15 years. In more typical water years, reservoirs further upstream on the Colorado keep the call off of Ruedi. With the extreme conditions this year, however, we are seeing this water right call have effect. Recent afternoon rainstorms have generated a little bit of run-off into Ruedi Reservoir and we are adjusting our releases to pass that inflow on downstream.

Still, the draw at Ruedi is not as steep as other reservoirs are currently experiencing. Today, it is at a water level elevation of about 7745 feet, or roughly 81% full.

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