New public hearing for the proposed Piñon Ridge uranium mill


From the Telluride Watch (Gus Jarvis):

In a ruling issued June 13, Judge John McMullen ruled the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s initial issuance of the radioactive materials license was unlawful because a formal, adjudicatory hearing was not properly provided. McMullen ordered a new hearing, which will begin on Oct. 15. At that time exhibits will be offered for admission and written testimony will be filed in order to provide an opportunity for parties to cross-examine expert witnesses.

Public comment will not be received at the Oct. 15 hearing, but the hearing officer will determine when public comment will be received when the hearing is reconvened on Nov. 7, in Nucla.

Energy Fuels spokesman Curtis Moore said the upcoming public hearing will be different from the public-comment setting of the previous hearing in that it will be more like a trial.

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