Colorado-Big Thompson Project update: Releases to the Big Thompson River draw down Pinewood Reservoir


From email from Reclamation (Kara Lamb):

You’ve likely noticed that Pinewood has dropped down low again, similar to its activity a week or so ago. The same situation applies: we continue to adjust operations of the Colorado-Big Thompson Project to meet on-going demands for water along the Big Thompson River.

Just as before, we have run water directly from Pinewood to the Big Thompson River to meet the continued downstream demand. Boyd, Lake Loveland, and others have been using their C-BT water.

We will continue to balance distribution of project water across the facilities as we move into late summer/early fall. As a result, residences near and visitors to Pinewood might see the water level elevation continue this range of fluctuation for a while.

As of this evening [September 6], though, the water level at Pinewood should begin to rise again.

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