Drought news: The North American Monsoon blessed Breckenridge over the summer


From the Summit County Citizens Voice (Bob Berwyn):

Breckenridge-based weather watcher Rick Bly reported 4.21 inches of rain in July, well above the average 2.32 inches. That moisture boosted the year-to-date total to 92 percent of average, amazing considering the widespread drought conditions in Colorado.

More than 1 inch of that rain came in a single 24-hour period during a particularly heavy mid-month downpour. “It’s only the sixth or seventh time I’ve recorded over an inch of 24-hour moisture in July,” Bly said. “It seems like we’re having bigger events.Bly’s observation ties in with global weather patterns, which have been trending to more extreme events — heavier rainfall, sustained blizzards, cold spells and drought — all believed to be linked with a warming climate.

Even with the dip back down to below normal totals in August, year-to-date precipitation was still at 91 percent of average in Breckenridge, a small regional anomaly in the statewide picture.

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