Orchard City is making progress on water loss in their system


From the Delta County Independent (Hank Lohmeyer):

Repair of a major leak in the transmission line along Highway 65 is being credited with cutting the amount of water lost from the town system. Mayor Don Suppes had told the DCI that the rupture in a fairly new steel line had occurred on the bottom of the conduit and so it was not readily visible to workers. The water leaking out had created an underground channel running into Surface Creek. The amount lost could well have been into the tens of thousands of gallons per day, Suppes had explained…

At the beginning of August, well upwards of 30 percent of the town’s treated water was going missing. Following repair of the big leak, losses were cut to “the 15 percent range,” Suppes said. The Highway 65 repair “had to account for the bulk (of the losses),” he said. “But we still have some leaks out there.”

Suppes explained later in the meeting that “over the last eight months we have found a lot of town water lines that are borderline failure. They are going to be a major budget hit to us.”

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