2012 CWCB Statewide Drought Conference recap: More storage, more conservation and more collaboration


From The Greeley Tribune (Eric Brown):

Hickenlooper further noted during his speech Wednesday that Colorado must have cooperation between Republicans and Democrats going forward in water decisions. The governor said he’s optimistic such cooperation can take place in the state. As an example of recent bipartisan cooperation, Hickenlooper referred to a state budget that passed in May with support from 86 percent of Colorado’s lawmakers. “That doesn’t happen in a purple state,” Hickenlooper said. “Maybe it’s the high altitude. Maybe it’s all the medical marijuana. Who knows?”[…]

Klaus Wolter with the National Oceanic Atmosphere Association said he believes the recent wildfires in the mountains are influencing the weather in the eastern part of the state, and added that wildfire impacts on climate should be more closely researched.

More coverage from Kirk Siegler writing for KUNC. From the article:

Thursday morning, Colorado water managers, policy experts and decision makers got some advice from a nearby state that was in our position last year – Texas. Mike Bewley of that state’s Division of Emergency Management headed response efforts to one of the worst droughts to hit the Lonestar State since the 1950s that led to water rationing, ranchers being forced to sell off their cattle herds, wildfires. Sound familiar?

“Everyone knows we built the West during a 25 year wet period.”

“This is a problem for the western United States,” Bewley said. “Everyone knows we built the West during a 25 year wet period, I heard someone say the other day ‘we haven’t had normal rainfall in Texas in 15 years,’ and I’m like, well maybe that’s not normal anymore.”

More CWCB coverage here.

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