Forecast news: NOAA three month outlook — Good chance for above average temps, equal chance for normal precip



Click on the thumbnail graphics for the three month precipitation and temperature outlook.

Colorado is a zone where it is hard to forecast the effects of an El Niño on winter snowpack. Sometimes we get good moisture other times not. The year’s El Niño is weaker than most. In addition, El Niño winters can be dry for Colorado.

The Climate Prediction Center released new 3-Month outlooks on Thursday with the probability of above average temperatures for Colorado for the next 3 months. Precipitation could go either way, equal chances.

Get prepared for mandatory watering restrictions next summer.

Here’s a report from Bob Berwyn writing for the Summit County Citizens Voice. Here’s an excerpt:

“It’s probably too late to get a major El Nino … it’s going to be somewhat weaker than we expected a few months ago,” [NOAA scientist Huug van den Dool] said, explaining that there’s still a chance for enhanced precipitation across the South. An average El Niño footprint would normally also result in below-average precipitation in the northern tier of states.

El Niño or not, the Climate Prediction Center says there’s a good chance the next three months will bring mostly above average temperatures to a big swath of the country, from the eastern edge of the Great Basin through the central and northern plains, up into the Great Lakes region and New England.

The three-month precipitation outlook is for near-normal total for much of the country, with a chance of above-normal rainfall in the southeast, and drier-than-normal conditions in the Pacific Northwest.

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