Drought news: Greeley is asking folks to stop watering on October 1


From The Greeley Tribune (Analisa Romano) via The Denver Post:

If residents stop watering their lawns by Oct. 1, the city will have more water in its reservoirs to use after this winter, said Jon Monson, Greeley’s water and sewer director. The city normally recommends that residents stop watering their lawns by Oct. 15.

Because water in the Poudre River was contaminated with ash and soot from the High Park and Hewlett Gulch fires this summer, much of Greeley’s water came from Boyd Lake and Lake Loveland. Coupled with one of the driest years on record, the drop in those reservoir water levels was one of the most drastic the city has experienced, cutting the supply in half.

Even so, Greeley has enough water to get through the winter, Monson said. He said the plea to residents to turn off their sprinklers is more of a proactive request…

If every Greeley resident stopped watering by Oct. 1, the city would probably save about 2,500 acre-feet of water, he said — enough to supply up to 600 Greeley households with water for a year.

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