Drought news: Telluride lifts watering restrictions


From The Telluride Daily Planet (Katie Klingsporn):

With the summer high season coming to a close, Telluride has lifted the water restrictions that had been in place since June 12. Town Manager Greg Clifton repealed those restrictions on Friday with an executive order. Clifton said that it wasn’t a boost in water supply that prompted him to lift the ban. Rather, it was the drop in water demand that takes place on the heels of the festival season, coupled with the fact that irrigation and lawn watering are tapering off. “We’re at the point where consumption’s not going to surge anymore,” Clifton said…

Construction of the town’s Pandora water treatment plant, a new water delivery system that’s been in the works for two decades, has been proceeding on schedule this summer, Clifton said. The new system is designed to pipe water from lakes in Upper Bridal Veil Basin down Black Bear road to a new treatment facility located near the Pandora Mill, and is expected to improve the town’s water capacity. If all goes as planned, the new plant could be activated in the spring of 2014.

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