Water Resource Education Curriculum (WREC) students are developing conservation programs at 3 Southern Colorado high schools


From The Pueblo Chieftain (Anne Casey):

Three area science teachers — Fran Weber at Pueblo West High School, Alec Walter at the School of Engineering and Biomedical Science at Pueblo County High School and Nate Chisholm at Air Academy High School in Colorado Springs — are leading the efforts on their campuses with teams of students who meet after school to address issues ranging from raising water conservation awareness among the student body to planning and creating xeriscape demonstration gardens.

The primary goal of the WRECking Crew is to help students figure out how to conserve water and understand that saving water means saving money which can be put to other uses. They will present their findings to their school boards and give their recommendations for how to best spend the savings.

Other goals include providing an opportunity to allow students to learn about water issues locally, statewide and globally; to involve students in the workings of their campuses, creating a sense of ownership and responsibility for their building and grounds; and ultimately to create a curriculum for water education that can be implemented at other high schools.

If necessary, these student groups will be wrecking the old conventions and creating innovative new ways of managing water usage on campus and in communities. WRECking Crew members rely on their facilities managers to provide guidance as they learn how water is used on their campuses and how they might best conserve it both on campus and in other areas of their life.

Working together with students, teachers, administrators and facilities managers at these three schools, CSU Extension will document the experience and use it to create a template for other schools that wish to present a similar hands-on, experiential water education program.

This second year of the program has concentrated on baseline data gathering through water awareness surveys and water usage audits.

Currently the three WRECking Crews are engaged in learning techniques to map their schools in the context of their watersheds. They have all had the opportunity to visit a demonstration xeriscape garden with CSU Water Specialist Perry Cabot in order to start planning their own campus gardens.

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