#Water Values podcast: The Importance of Asset Management with CH2M’s Scott Haskins

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CH2M’s Scott Haskins, a Senior Vice President and Director of Strategic Consulting, joins The Water Values Podcast to discuss asset management programs. Scott’s breadth and depth of experience in the utility industry, including 30 years at Seattle Public Utilities, provides him a solid foundation on which to address the practical issues surrounding asset management. Scott guides us through asset management issues, including what asset management is, what are the different components of an asset management program and how to get started with an asset management plan. He also discusses risk issues and how utilities deploying asset management programs have saved millions of dollars and improved their service levels. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Scott.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • What asset management is
  • The components of an asset management program
  • How risk factors into an asset management program
  • The importance of customer engagement in targeting service levels
  • How environmental risk is quantified in asset management plans
  • The important questions to ask when considering an asset management plan
  • How asset management plans can scale
  • Where to start if your utility does not have an asset management plan in place
  • Examples of how asset management has helped utilities save millions of dollars in excess of the investment required
  • How benchmarking factors into an asset management plan
  • How frequently asset management plans should be reviewed
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