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MtSoprisSinjin Eberle
Mt Sopris | Sinjin Eberle

From American Rivers (Sinjin Eberle):

  • We know that the boat is definitely pointed in the right direction. We look forward to participating in the plan’s implementation so future water decisions continue to reflect the values and priorities outlined in the plan.
  • We are pleased to see the plan include many of the points Coloradoans have expressed overwhelmingly—through more than 30,000 public comments submitted to the state—including a strong statewide urban conservation goal and proposed funding for healthy rivers and streams across our state.
  • Over the next year, we urge the CWCB and the Hickenlooper administration to maintain this positive momentum to ensure there will be inclusive implementation, specific, stringent criteria for project selection and adequate funding to protect our rivers, outdoor recreation industry, agricultural heritage, and thriving cities.
Colorado Water Plan website screen shot November 1, 2013
Colorado Water Plan website screen shot November 1, 2013

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