The Urban Waters Bike Tour: Bear Creek Edition

Your Water Colorado Blog

By Meagan Webber

I spent my first day as an intern with the Colorado Foundation for Water Education on a bike, exploring a watershed. Talk about hands-on experience from the get-go! I got to participate in one of the CFWE’s Urban Waters Bike Tours, which invites citizens, scientists, planners, and water managers to tour part of a watershed and further their understanding of the relationship between water use, river health, and community development. The two 2016 bike tours (on June 7th and 8th) rode along a 9-mile stretch of Bear Creek. The watershed itself finds its origins in the Mount Evans Wilderness, 31 miles west of Denver.

The tour began at the Mountain View Pavilion, right next to the Bear Creek Reservoir and Dam. Off to the west, a few thunderheads dulled the scorching heat of the day while threatening to unleash torrents of rain. Thankfully, the storm refrained…

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